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Child pornography generally means that there is child rape and torture going on; and yet we are not allocating sufficient resources to sort through all the evidence and prosecute the abusers. Shame on us!  Child Pornography Fight Gets New Weapons, The Times-Picayune, by Robert Travis Scott, November 15, 2009.


Here is some information about “paddling”, in schools, the traditional practice of punishing children for “infractions” by smacking them publicly on bare buttocks with a wooden implement until there are bruises. Some traditional educators and parents are quite attached to this practice and fight to keep it alive. Old habits really die hard. Consider this perspective about the development of sexual deviancy: Sowing the Seeds of Sadomasochism, By Jordan Riak, November 9, 2009.


“Men’s rights” groups are growing in power. As the feminist movement has made some strides in issues of women’s rights, a powerful backlash has gathered momentum. Certain men have a drive to keep women in positions of pain and mistreatment. These groups label women fighting for freedom and equal rights as feminist extremists whose goal is make men’s lives difficult, claim that domestic violence laws are unfairly applied against innocent men when women are in fact equal abusers, and argue that women falsely cry abuse during custody cases, thus punishing men by refusing them custody.  The facts actually show that the percentage of domestic violence cases in which women are truly physically abusive against their husbands is close to 3%, that in fact the new stricter domestic violence laws are being applied against women who have used low levels of violence in self-defense, and that male abusers are in fact being routinely given custody while the women who report the abuse are losing custody under the guise of the supposed “Parental Alienation Syndrome”. In fact, a number of men are using these groups as a cover for continuing abusive behaviors against women and children. Please read this article publiched this week which has a well-written thorough overview of these issues: “Men’s Rights” Groups Have Become Frighteningly Effective, by Katherine Joyce, Double X, November 5, 2009.

More proof of the deleterious effects of child abuse. A study out of Canada found a link between childhood physical abuse and heightened rates of osteoarthritis. See report of study in Science Daily, Nov. 3, 2009, Childhood Physical Abuse Linked to Osteoarthritis Study Finds.