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In this sad and horrible case, a 10 year-old girl, Charlenni Ferreira, was killed by her father and step-mother in Philadelphia after years of horrific abuse. Known injuries included gashes on her hands, a fractured shoulder blade, bone deformities on her arm from past trauma, bruising down her legs, scratches over her face, a fractured hip which kept her from walking properly, a split lip, a “cauliflower ear”, cigarette burns, evidence of long-term sexual abuse, and lacerations to her scalp.

Despite at least two reports from school nurses from 2006 until 2009, Philadelphia’s Department of Human Services left the girl in her father and step-mother’s care for years until she died from an infection caused by untreated broken ribs, which filled her lungs with fluid and collapsed them. When she died, she also had a seven-inch gash to her head that was stuffed with gauze and covered by a hair weave.

Apparently, the department left the child in the father and step-mother’s care because it did not have conclusive evidence of child abuse.

In the following article, a review panel consisting of Philadelphia’s medical examiner, a prosecutor, doctors, social workers, and DHS officials exonerated Philadelphia’s handling of the matter.


Official figures indicate that more than 200 “honor” killings take place each year in Turkey – almost half of all murders in Turkey.

In this story, a Turkish girl was buried alive by her family for taking to boys:


In a very sad saga, a woman named Katie Marie Tagle dated a man named Stephen Garcia and had a baby with him. Katie Marie has said that he abused her throughout their entire relationship.

She broke up with him, became involved with another man, and had to go to family court over custody and visitation of their infant son, Wyatt.

Stephen, enraged over Katie leaving him, began making multiple threats to take Katie’s life and the baby’s life and continued to be violent toward Katie, at one point proposing to her and then physically knocking her down during a child exchange.

Upon receiving these threats, Katie went to court to seek restraining orders, each of which the judges denied indicating that they believed Katie was lying to gain advantage in the pending custody proceedings.

The day after the third courtroom denial, Stephen sent Katie an e-mail containing a story called “Necessary Evil.”

The story describes in detail Katie’s and Stephen’s relationship, and in the end, the story has two endings. In “Happy Ending,” the female character returns to the man. In “Tragic Ending,” the character takes his son to a lake, puts him to sleep with Benadryl and the baby dies. “He will have a better life with you then (sic) we can give him here,” the man tells God before taking his own life.

Katie called 9-1-1 after reading the story, and the responding deputy immediately went to the courthouse and obtained an emergency restraining order for her.

However, in Victorville court Jan. 14, Judge Robert Lemkau would not uphold the restraining order and ordered Katie to immediately give Wyatt to Stephen, as it was the day his scheduled visitation was to begin.

The judge made it clear that he believed Katie was lying to gain an unfair advantage in custody proceedings. Then, instead of ensuring the child’s safety in the event the mother might be right, the judge decided to err on the side of endangering the child by ordering that the baby immediately be handed over unsupervised to the man who repeatedly threatened to take the child’s and the mother’s lives in writing.

Here is the incredible transcript to that hearing.

This is nothing unusual. This goes on in courts all the time. In the presence of a custody dispute, judges routinely believe that anyone claiming abuse is doing so to gain unfair advantage in cutody proceedings, and routinely order the child then placed with the abuser, regularly going so far as to completely deny custody or visitation to the reporting parent.

What is unusual in this case is that within 10 days of that hearing, Stephen took Wyatt up into the mountains and killed the baby and himself, just as he had repeatedly warned.

Here is a detailed version of this story:

Murder-Suicide Note by CA Man Was Posted on Net

Sadly, these things happen every day and have throughout human history: 

The Emma Case, More than 80 Bruises on Girl, Houston Chronicle, Aug. 11, 2009.

Protective Services. The Houston Chronicle, Aug. 15, 2009.


From Pediatrics via USA Today, here are some illuminating statistics on our most vulnerable. In a new study, babies under age 2 are more likely to be killed by their parents than by anyone else.

Here is a list of the most common perpetrators of infant death and the percentages the study attributes to each:

Father: 33.8%
Mother: 22.5%
Mother’s boyfriend:  22.5%
Babysitter:  7%
Other male relative:  5.6%
Acquaintance:  4.2%
Foster mother:  1.4%
Unknown:  1.4%

Educating Dads May Help Protect Babies from Abuse, USA Today, July 31, 2009.

Horrible and disgusting . . . parents killing their own babies. Here is an article out of Texas about a mother who committed a gruesome murder of her own 3 1/2 week old infant, repeatedly stabbing, decapitating and mutilating him: San Antonio Express News, via The Houston Chronicle, July 27, 2009, San Antonio Baby Fund Stabbed, Decapitated.

Yet, what most of us in the modern westernized world don’t know is that infanticide has been documented to have been very common throughout human history in most societies, the farther back in time, the more gruesome and the more prevalent, including violent infant sacrifice in the earliest societies, as well as exposure of most babies by medieval European societies, among many other variations of the same, perhaps used as a form of birth control, perhaps worse, as a way to displace parents’ pain and suffering on innocents.

 Consider this from Larry Stephen Milner:

“But the fact of the matter is that infanticide is not an isolated phenomenon and cannot be explained by some aberrant sociopathic excuse. From sacrificial killings meant to appease the wrath of gods, to the abandonment of bastard newborns in an attempt to hide from shame, human beings have slaughtered their offspring with no less frequency than they have murdered in the pursuit of war and oppression. The sheer numbers are staggering. In every era, in every country, some degree of infanticide has been found. While certain societies have noted only sporadic cases, others reveal that 10-50% of all newborns have been killed either at birth or soon thereafter. And for the most part, these killings have proceeded with either direct participation, or the permission, of the child’s parent and societal legal codes.” Larry Stephen Milner, Hardness of Heart; Hardness of Life. The Stain of Human Infanticide. Kearney: Morris Publications, 1998, p. 3.