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Many people believe that if a child is too young to remember wrongs done to the child, that it doesn’t matter. A number of them harm innocent children and babies in misguided attempts to relieve their own pain.

However, many recent studies have led to significant new evidence showing that a child’s brain and body are damaged for life when that child is mistreated, even where the mistreatment happened when the child was too young to remember it.

Here is a brief article about a recent study showing that childhood abuse damages the DNA of the victim and leads to difficulties in stress regulation due to actual physiological damage in the body.


Dr. Alice Miller has just released a new book. It’s called “Free From Lies, Discovering Your True Needs.” Big news for many. For those who don’t know Alice Miller is a highly-regarded Swiss psychotherapist who writes about child abuse and the mechanisms by which it affects victims into adulthood. She writes a lot about denial, lies, and the adult impact of childhood abuse on victims. She is one of the relatively few who study historical figures and their childhoods and has written on the brutality of Hitler’s and Stalin’s childhoods, including the connection between the pain of their childhoods and the cruel adults they became. Here is a link to the Press Release about the book: Free From Lies, Discovering Your True Needs, By Dr. Alice Miller. I recommend her books. She is very intelligent and knowledgeable, in addition to being highly experienced through her work with large numbers of psychotherapy clients.