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Many people believe that if a child is too young to remember wrongs done to the child, that it doesn’t matter. A number of them harm innocent children and babies in misguided attempts to relieve their own pain.

However, many recent studies have led to significant new evidence showing that a child’s brain and body are damaged for life when that child is mistreated, even where the mistreatment happened when the child was too young to remember it.

Here is a brief article about a recent study showing that childhood abuse damages the DNA of the victim and leads to difficulties in stress regulation due to actual physiological damage in the body.


Here is a public bulletin board post by an adult who was abused as a child:

My life is like a horror movie that just keeps playing over and over and over. Why doesn’t somebody push the stop button!!!??

I can truly sympathize / empathize with all on here. All the abuses, mental and physical, seems I’ve suffered through them all and then some.

Speaking of triggers…..they are everywhere – in every corner, under every bed, in the eyes of strangers, and the words of loved ones. There is no escape from them.

I have forgiven all who have misused me (that’s an odd way to say it??)… but I have not forgotten, nor will I ever. Sometimes I just want to spit and cuss and break something….