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Sexual abuse is so much more widespread than some people think. New evidence has been publicized that U.S. swim team coaches have molested and secretly taped teenage girls on the swim team for decades. 36 coaches are now banned from U.S. Swimming for life for sexual misconduct.

See the Huffington Post story:


In this article in the Washington Post, triggered by the Pope’s recent apology, Sinead O’Connor eloquently writes about her personal experiences relating to child abuse and the Catholic Church, her views on recent events relating to the Catholic Church, as well her belief in God.

A number of us have heard recently about the mounting sexual abuse claims against the Catholic Church. Well, children have been used as sexual objects by adults since ancient history.

The latest news:  In a trial in Oregon, a former Boy Scout is suing the Boy Scout organization for damages arising out of the sexual abuse he suffered at the hands of a Boy Scout leader. The victim in this trial has obtained access to “the perversion files” – files detailing incidents of sexual abuse of boys by Scout leaders within the Boy Scout organization over the years, which the Boy Scouts have deemed private and confidential. Details contained in the files are expected to be released to the public during the trial.

More detail in this article:

51 year-old award winning MTV video director, Aswad Ayinde, has been charged with repeatedly raping and impregnating his daughters over decades and using extreme violence and threats to prevent them from telling the authorities.

Ayinde, who won an MTV award for directing The Fugees’ “Killing Me Softly,” fathered six kids with his daughters from the mid-1980s to 2002 – and delivered the babies himself, according to New Jersey prosecutors. Ayinde also had nine kids with his ex-wife, Beverly, and at least three more with two other women in Brooklyn.

Prosecutors said Ayinde kept the kids from informing the authorities by beating them with wooden boards or kicking them with steel-toed boots.

“I was afraid to ever accuse him of being demented or being a pedophile,” Beverly Ayinde, who married him in 1977, told the court. “I knew the word, but I wouldn’t dare use it because it would result in a beating.”

Ayinde also made a point of moving his family from town to town, even squatting in an abandoned funeral home in New Jersey. Later, he moved to Brooklyn and began passing himself off as an artist, brazenly boasting his now-grown daughters were his wives.


Researchers at the School of Medicine and the Trinity Institute for Neuroscience at the Trinity College Dublin have shown that child abuse leads to negative structural brain changes including an increased susceptibility to depression:

Mother-Son Incest: Hidden in Shame and Rising, ABC News, Susan Donaldson James, Dec. 1, 2009.

This boy was sexually abused and beaten by his mother from the age of four.

Child pornography generally means that there is child rape and torture going on; and yet we are not allocating sufficient resources to sort through all the evidence and prosecute the abusers. Shame on us!  Child Pornography Fight Gets New Weapons, The Times-Picayune, by Robert Travis Scott, November 15, 2009.

Really. In modern day United States. Family courts are routinely supporting abusers in continuing to hurt innocent children. The system is broken to such a degree that the United States has a modern day Underground Railroad!

Is there a reason this has not been front page news?

Please take a look at this detailed, sad and informative article from 1989: Running for Their Lives, by Jane Sims Podesta, David Van Biema, and Paula Chin, People, Jan. 23, 1989.

It may be from 20 years ago, yet this has continued to go on in family courts throughout the United States to this day.

Here is an highly important and informative article published in the Spring 1998 issue of Court Review, Myth of False Allegations of Sexual Abuse in Divorce Cases, by Merrilyn McDonald, M.S.W. Here, Merrilyn McDonald sets forth the facts about the widely held “false allegations” belief. Somehow, the system appears to align with abusers and become their enabling mechanism. Many continue to battle these issues with the family court system every day. We should support and protect, not further punish, innocent victims of abuse.

Here is her summary:

False allegations of sexual abuse in divorce are a rare occurrence. False allegations of sexual abuse in general are rare. Unsubstantiated is not the same as false. Child sexual abuse is a common experience. Child sexual abuse is grossly underreported. There is a belief that allegations of sexual abuse in divorce are epidemic because a number of anecdotal reports of allegations of sexual abuse were repeatedly referenced by various authors without listing the limitations of such reports, creating an image of “hard science” that did not exist. Allegations of sexual abuse are more likely to occur in divorce situations and must be taken just as seriously as allegations that arise at any other time. Sexually abused children behave in a manner that is hard for most of us to understand. It is extremely hard for a child to disclose sexual abuse and any child who does so must be seen as extremely brave. Children recant because of pressure or a desire to get their family back. Mothers of sexually abused children experience many conflicts and difficulties in our present system.

Sadly, these things happen every day and have throughout human history: 

The Emma Case, More than 80 Bruises on Girl, Houston Chronicle, Aug. 11, 2009.

Protective Services. The Houston Chronicle, Aug. 15, 2009.